Tree Service and Arborists

What is A Tree Service?

Tree service is the application of arboricultural methods like trimming, pruning and thinning in built environments. Green-ways, backyard and park woody vegetation are at the center of care for the tree service industry. Landscape and urban forestry also set high demands on professional tree service.


tree service

They provide a high safety standards against the dangers of tree have helped the industry evolve. Especially felling in space-limited environments poses significant risks such as the telephone lines, insufficient protective gear against falling dead wood, chainsaw wounds and narrow felling zones with endangered nearby buildings, parking cars and property.

The required equipment and experience usually surpass private means and is always considered too costly as a part of the public infrastructure. In some cases, traditional tools like handsaws may suffice, but large-scale tree usually calls for heavy machinery like wood chippers, cranes, harvesters and bucket trucks.

Road side trees are especially prone to biotic stress by exhaust fumes, soil compaction, toxic road debris and drought which makes them affected to fungal infections and diverse plant pests. When tree removal is not an option because of road ecology, the main challenge is to achieve the road safety while maintaining tree health.

Services Offered by Tree Service Companies


Trimming is the most common tree maintenance procedure. However, forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, trees require a higher level of care to maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity. Trimming must be done with an understanding and care of tree biology. Improper trimming can create severe damage or even shorten the tree’s life.


 Other trees need to be removed for reasons such as unhealthy with diseased trees and trees are in the way of property or structures. Sometimes the other trees are just old and pose a safety hazard. An arborist may recommend the removal of tree, though it is always carefully considered. An arborist has the proper equipment and skills to remove a tree efficiently and safely.


Damaged trees after a storm can have an obstacle to your safety and to your property. Dead branches, leaves, and even whole trees can be disperse by strong winds all over your land. So, they will trim or remove the damaged branches, limbs and trees. 


It based upon that a healthy tree with a strong natural defense system can defend itself against urban stresses and environmental. The objective is to maintain or improve a tree’s health and its growing environment, using an effective and environmentally sensitive equipments.

Some other company provides other services such as cabling, fertilization, insect control, aeration, and lightning protection. They can also exactly know the diseases or parasites, ensure trees have sufficient support, and remove any damaged plants. An arborist can give an advice and consultations that will help to determine when these services are need to be done.

Who Are Arborists and What They Do?

An arborist, tree surgeon, or an arboriculturist is a professional in the practice of arboriculture, which is the management, cultivation and they study about of individual trees, vines, shrubs and other perennial woody plants in horticulture and dendrology.There is a tree service company in Calgary specializing in all types of tree care with certified arborists to their credit.You can visit them going to

Trees are everywhere and it gives people with many benefits. They provide shade, produce oxygen, and provide foods. They keep cities cool and prevent the soil erosion. They are also very satisfying to look at and it is wonderful feeling to have trees around us. Just like us, trees also need a proper care and nutrients to stay healthy. As an arborist they will provide this kind of care, while trees give us a lot of benefits to people, if it ignore they could cause damage. They may overgrow onto power lines or other properties, it could also cause damage when the storm come which can lead to power outages and harmful collapses.


An arborist will spend most of their time outside, working in all kinds of weather conditions. They are sometimes called out to go for emergency situations which can result in long working hours causing of knock down trees, transportation blockages or power outages.

Working as a Tree service and arborist is not a seasonal job. In fact, there is a many of work to do in the colder months when trees go dormant, as that can be the ideal time to trim or cut back trees. 

Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. So, if your property or business need a professional advice and consultation you can call Tree Service and Arborists, they can help about tree obstacles, whether you’re planting nor removing damage trees or branches.

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